Create your own flavour 

Flavorshot is a cloud bar concept developed by RASA for private labels. It is a playground for small and big businesses alike to create special beverage products and concepts that suit them.

Under Flavorshot, we consistently find new ways to partner up with brands to create exciting and innovative products. We provide commercial support from packaging and labelling, bundling package development, to pricing.

Signature Beverage Mixes

  • Syrup 
  • Powder


Customized RTD

Our beverage architect works closely with brands to create their own bottled drinks from flavour development to menu pairing.

Concept Development

Our beverage architects will work with you to create your own signature bottled drinks. We will find the right ingredients, mixture, and flavour based on latest market trends, your brand and customer profiles, and your pricing structure.


We will produce your signature bottled drinks, including the packaging and labels.


We will help you create bundling packages with your existing products as well as the advertising and promotion materials.

Contact us to explore how we can collaborate.